Dr. Hardwick is available to keynote your next event.


Workshops and Training

Dr. Hardwick provides a number of autism related education workshops and training opportunities for your organization.

  • Autism Education (101)
  • Autism, Disabilities and the Faith Community
  • Learning to Create a Sensory Friendly Environment
  • Developing Social Skills for People on the Spectrum
  • Public Speaking for People on the Spectrum
  • Dating, Marriage, and Autism
  • I am Strong: Learning to Maximize Strengths and Special Interests


Interested in making your business, school, or faith based organization more autism friendly. We can help. Dr. Hardwick can consultant with your organization on a variety of ways to assess and implement successful  yet simple strategies for creating a culture of Autism acceptance and inclusion.



Dr. Hardwick provides mentoring services for teens and young adults on the autism spectrum. Dr. Hardwick applies a unique and impactful approach in assisting teens and young adults on the spectrum to maximize their strengths by focusing on three simple applications:

  • Creating Understanding: Understanding Autism and Understanding Self
  • Creating Community: Learning How To Find Meaningful Relationships
  • Creating My Voice: Developing a Strong Voice for Self-Advocacy


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